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Our Project Management services include our team assisting you with project level requirements whereby we can provide a full turnkey project management solution. These services would include EPC managing your project from to start to finish. We would allocate an experienced Project Manager to your project and from there we would nominate a Projects Team to assist and execute the work scopes. 

We can also assist you with Project Management services if you wish to carry out the project on your own with your own in-house team. We can assist you with providing experienced projects personnel to compliment your already existing projects team whereby they can work with your team to deliver the project. Our team can work remotely from our premises or they can be housed within your organisation under your management. 

Our Project Management Team can assist with projects within any industry including Aerospace, Construction, Defence, Energy, Oil, Rail and Renewables.

Our team has delivered some large scale projects including Shipyard SPS Upgrade & Repair Projects. We have also carried out offshore survey work, repairs & modifications offshore as well as maintenance works. 

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Our Contracts team work with many leading experts across multiple sectors including Aerospace, Construction, Defence, Energy, Oil, Rail and Renewables. 

We provide our clients with contract management supply whereby they have a job requirement for a fixed term contract period and they do not wish to hire a full time employee. Our team will identify the job specification that the client requires and we will contact our well known experts within the industry that will be suitable for the job requirement. 

We can supply contractors to clients for short term, ad hoc and long term campaigns dependant on the nature of the requirement. 

The benefit of our contractor management solution is that we can supply contractors to carry out job requirements at short notice, the personnel are fully experienced and qualified for the requirement. We take care of all employment contractual requirements as well as payments to the contractor. With this solution it takes the stress off the client, to focus on getting the job requirements completed without worrying or committing to someone that may not be required out with the specific requirement. 

Recruitment, Contract services for oil & energy
Payroll services for contractors

Our Permanent team works with clients across all sectors including Aerospace, Construction, Defence, Energy, Oil, Rail and Renewables. 

Our experienced team has access to our internal database which holds over 100,000 experienced candidates across all specialist sectors and the database is constantly updated with our available talent pool. 

Our specialist team can provide candidates to our clients on a permanent basis. Usually we get asked to assist with permanent requirements when the nature of the requirement is very niche and technical. Our experienced team will adopt a headhunting approach and will find and identify the key person (s) for the requirement and will make a discreet approach. With this it allows for us to approach experienced experts for our client, however with no impact or bad image on our client's brand. 

We are well networked across our specialist industries so the chances of us already having skilled candidates with the relevant experience and qualifications are extremely high therefore our turnaround for requirements can be very fast. 

Our experienced team will always take a discreet and confidential approach when it comes to enquiries. 

We understand that clients may wish to recruit and hire their own personnel for their projects. However we also take into account that there is complexities when it comes to hiring staff and ensuring that they are paid in line with labour and contract laws. 

We also understand that cashflow is a key element to our clients executing and delivering projects successfully in line with tight budgets at times. Our payroll solution allows for clients to engage workers directly however can fully utilise our payroll solutions model, which allows flexibility and freedom when it comes to paying workers. 

Our Payroll Team can assist with projects within any industry including Aerospace, Construction, Defence, Energy, Oil, Rail and Renewables.

Our Payroll Team is a team of financial experts who are fully experienced within high volume payroll accounts therefore are fully positioned in providing expert advice and support when it comes to payrolling high volume of workers. 

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